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There is so much slander and deception on the Internet that often cyberpirates find themselves liable civilly for torts committed online.  Sometimes these debtors and their assets are difficult to track down even after judgment is entered, particularly is the debtor resides abroad (as if often the case in cyber crimes).  Other parties find themselves holding judgments again domestic debtors who have no income or assets.  However, these debtors often have domain names of value, which cannot be hidden.  Our attorneys may be able to help you attach the domain names to the judgment much the same as income, personal property, and real property are often attached to judgments. 
Although we are licensed in Virginia where federal statute says that gTLD domain names are physically located, the Virginia Supreme Court has determined that domain names are not an asset of the domain registrant which is physically located in Virginia.  Rather, the Virginia Supreme Court has determined that domain names are a contract right between VeriSign and the registrar (not the registrant).  Therefore, attachment actions cannot be easily filed in Virginia, but can be filed in Arizona (where GoDaddy is located) or in other jurisdictions depending upon the location of the registrar.  We are familiar with these actions, and can ensure judgment creditors seeking to satisfy judgments by seizing or attaching domain names are well represented.